– Vibrating Sieves

Since 1999, the Italian company BI Tecnology has specialized in providing the vibrating screens or sieves to many industries that require such machinery for their manufacturing and/or processing phases of production. There are – Vibrating Sieves and accesories, all with the correct specifications for precise applications.

For Dry Materials

Vibrating sieves are used to separate mixtures and in the production of heterogeneous solids. The size of the orifices in the sieve vary, making one vibrating sieve more appropriate for certain tasks than another. Typical applications of vibrating sieves include, but are not limited to, removing chunks of marble from sand, purifying flour, removing impurities from salt, and more. As such, these machines are ideal for the food production, pharmaceutical, ceramic, oil, cosmetics, and construction industries, among others.

Wet Screening

Sometimes it’s necessary to add water to a dry mix in order to be able to sieve out only the finest particles through the screen. Thus, there are mechanical sieves that use a fine mesh, usually made from steel thread or a bronze/nylon composite, meant to separate fine particles held in a liquid medium. The number of threads per square inch in the mesh is something to consider in these instances, with the higher number correlating to finer particles.

Bitecnology Industrial Sieves

Here is a rundown of the various high-quality industrial sieves manufactured by BI Tecnology. Sieves for Ceramics There are three models specifically designed for ceramic screening applications, and this includes a multi-tiered unit for separation of extremely fine and uniform granules. Sieves for Lacquers There are eight different models of powered sieves for separating lacquers, and these include models mounted on castor wheels. Mill Discharge Sieves Three different wheel mounted options. Powder Screening Sieves Ideal for the food processing and pharmaceutical industries. There are six different models to choose from, all with their own specifications. This includes a multitiered/multi-screened processor as well as a hermetically sealed unit. Rectangular Sieve Oval Sieve Circular Nutation Sieve Nutation is a very specific mechanical process by which the product is slipped as oppossed to bounced against the screen (which is the case with vibration). THe result is a high degree of separation which makes this sieve ideal for working with micronised powders, plastic fines, wood flour, minerals, and plastics. Specialized Multi-Purpose Sieve